Making Components

Run the following Drush command to create a new Wire component

We'll assume you entered the Wire Label as "Articles" in a module with "wiredemo" machine name 

drush generate wire

*Note: Drush ^12 is required for the generate command to work


Two new files were created in your chosen module


"drush generate wire" cli command


If you wish to create an Inline components (without .twig files), you can answer the "Inline" prompt as "Yes" and only the PHP class will be created


Here's what it would look like

namespace Drupal\wiredemo\Plugin\WireComponent;

use Drupal\wire\View;
use Drupal\wire\WireComponent;

 * Implementation for Articles Wire Component.
 * @WireComponent(
 *   id = "articles",
 *   label = @Translation("Articles"),
 * )
class Articles extends WireComponent {

  public function render(): ?View {
    $twig = <<<'TWIG'
    return View::fromString($twig);
********************************** ************************* ************************ **************** ****************** *********** ************** ************* ************ *************