Nesting Components

Component nesting is very powerful technique, but there are a few moments to be aware of:

  • Nested components can accept parameters/values from their parents, however they're not reactive. In other words, if a state of a nested component changed, an update to other components has to me manually triggered via Wire Events.
  • Components should not be used for extracting snippets into separate files. This is to avoid unneeded processing.

Here is an example of a nested component called add_node from another Wire component's view.


  {% for nodeTypeId, nodes in nodesByType %}
    <h2>{{ nodeTypes[nodeTypeId].label }}</h2>
    {% for node in nodes %}
      <h3>{{ node }}</h3>
    {% endfor %}
    {{ wire('add_node', {'type': nodeTypeId}) }}
  {% endfor %}


We're passing the nodeTypeId as type to our nested Wire components which is used as an unique identifier and should be added as a value for wire:key attribute.

<div wire:key="{{ type }}">

  <h2>Create a node of type {{ type }}</h2>
  <input type="text" wire:model.title.defer="title">
  <button wire:click="createNode">Create</button>


See wire_demo_create_nodes repo for full example.

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